The Why

Savannah, GA is rated one of America’s most haunted cities by The American Institute of Parapsychology, The Atlantic Paranormal Society and Ghost Adventures.

Now you can experience it with Ghostwalker Tours. Enjoy a premier tour for the discerning guest, away from the crowds and led by The Ghostwalker himself.


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The Experience

Walk and learn the “Savannah Ghost Story” based around the history and legends of Savannah, GA from an experienced guide. See paranormal evidence collected by our guests while on their tour and submitted for your enjoyment. People have been “dying” here for over 283 years to get mentioned on my tour!

“The Ghostwalker” is a Professional. Licensed by the City of Savannah for over 20 years, he knows where the Hauntings of Old Savannah, GA are…. and why! Walk with the spirits down the Oak tree-lined streets and shadow-filled lanes. We will pass by old Antebellum homes and through eerie moss-draped Squares… to the Hauntings of Old Savannah.

Why is Savannah so “haunted”? Several books have been written about this and tour guides sit around for hours after their tours are over and discuss “strange things” they have “seen or felt”; while walking around the old historic district in the dark for many years. Guests are always sending me pictures of  “orbs, lights and ghostly images” they have captured while on my tour; asking … “is this real”?  I can only show you the way. You have to “experience” it for yourself to decide if it’s real or not!

Hear the “telling” of the Ghost Stories founded in the long and wild History and Legends of Savannah, all narrated by “The Ghostwalker”. Walk to our hidden cemeteries, battlefields, and most horrific places where 100’s died and the paranormal lives!

Experience what we call “The Savannah Chill” even on the hottest nights.

Get “up close and personal” with the ghosts at the cemetery gates…in the dark…if you dare!!! You never know what might bump into you out there with “The Ghostwalker”.

****Advanced booking is required as this tour is limited to only “10” Guests per night****

***Don’t buy a “Groupon tour” and get “Packed into a Crowd of 30”, walk with me in a small friendly group***

Experience the "Savannah Chill"

See the legendary paranormal side of Savannah during your ghost walk “Down the Past Lane.”

The Savannah Ghost Tour